The Beauty Thesis

A makeup artist, working on her graduate thesis. My peers gave me the moniker, "The Beauty Thesis" as my class superlative. J'ecrive!


If I had money for all the people I know who are “crushing” on someone else I could cure homelessness.
Why are people so afraid to talk to each other, but have no problems spilling tea about one another? What’s the worst that can happen? Most people are flattered even in the case that they aren’t available or interested.
The way I see it, if the only thing you get is a friendship, you never know what that will lead to, but why stay lurking on the sidelines when you can be in the game?
I see this in real life, online, text messages, forums, everyone talks about their “crush” but don’t have the stones to at least let their presence be known. It’s really not difficult to say, “Hi” I promise that if you approach someone with a smile (not creepy) and say “Hi you look lovely today,” you won’t get killed. I have had hobos I expected to ask for money greet me with a compliment, that I end up donating $ just because. It may be part of their hustle, but it worked.
Next time you find yourself interested in someone, let your presence be known. If nothing else, it piques their curiosity. I’ve done that where I gave this girl a compliment and kept walking. I know it confused her, because it was smooth, casual, not pushy, not creepy, I was walking by her, whispered that she wreaked of sex in her ear and kept it moving. So what?

Bimbo Winehouse v Mr. Cee

Today I came home and was doing research for homeopathic treatment for dogs, and I saw a photo of Mr. Cee but it was about mistakes celebrities have made. I know what they were referring to with him. It broke my ♥ because what B. Winehouse did was disgusting.

Pastor T.W. Jenkins of Tampa ◄~ HYPOCRITE

I find what Mr. Jenkins and his congregation to be pharisees. It’s amazing how they hide under the cloak of Christianity to deny a member’s right to a dignified funeral at ANY church.
I question “Christians” who are quick to condemn homosexuality, but will attend an out of wedlock mother’s baby shower or members who are morbidly obese not realising that gluttony and sloth are indeed sins.
Does Mr. (I refuse to give him a title) Jenkins turn away the fornicators, the coveters, divorced, liars, thieves, and those who’ve had unpure thoughts?
He and his members are cowards and hypocrites. In the New Testament they would be considered pharisees because Jesus loved EVERYONE. So, this church picks homosexuality as their reason for allowing this travesty; however, they are judging the behavior of members in time of need. I don’t care that he finds what he did appropriate he’s sending the wrong message to non-Christians and the church keeps saying that attendance is low. Would you want to “come as you are” to a place that gossips, judges, and condemns the sinner?
I think there will be a LOT of surprises on Judgment Day. Mr. Jenkins will answer for his transgressions. I wonder how he thinks of Jesus, the son of God?
See, Jesus worked on the Sabbath which is a sin. Jesus healed and the Pharisees acted just like the members of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. Read Mark 2:23-28.
Jesus had love for prostitutes despite the condemnation by the Pharisees. Read Luke 7:36-50.
I could go on but the point has been made. What does this say about Christianity to those who are not saved? Why would this congregation represent the love of Christ by turning on a member in need? Jesus loved everyone, which is why he died on the cross so the idea that a leader and his congregation make a statement as they did isn’t what Jesus had in mind. I have a theory, but rather than throw stones, just remember that we ALL answer for what we do in the name of Christ. If this is glorifying God, how are saints going to show the love of Christ if they won’t love on the sinners?